Free Drupal 8 site upgrade report

Are you planning to upgrade a Drupal 5, 6 or 7 site? Tell us the address of your website and we will generate a report about the upgrade status of the modules you are using. The scan can take up to a few hours, so we need your email address to send you the link to your report once we finish.

How it works

To get Drupal 8 upgrade status notifications for your site simply:

  1. Enter the URL of your website and your email. We will send the status report to the email address you provide here.
  2. You will get a one-time login link in email. Log in and enter a password. You will use these credentials to log in to the site and check the status of your sites any time. 
  3. You will get a notification email when your site scan is ready.
Privacy information: Only the D8upgrade team will have access to the information you provide and they will only use it to create the site upgrade reports. We think it could be valuable to share information with the community, it could help module maintainers decide what work to prioritise. However, when we share information with third parties we will do so in aggregate only, to make sure it is not identifiable. We would like to send you relevant offers and information about fundraising campaigns, but we will include them in the notification mails we send to you. We will not spam you, or let anybody else spam you.