About us

Our mission

With the recent release of Drupal 8 site owners keep asking us when it would be a good time to upgrade their website. For most sites there is no easy answer. Much depends on the upgrade status of the contributed modules that were used in their site, their budget, and the level of rework they intend to do during the upgrade process. Since it can be a daunting task to keep up with the status of the modules, especially for people who are not working with Drupal on a daily basis, we thought it would be useful to create an automatic notification system that sends out updates when new information becomes available about the modules you use.


Why are we doing this

First and foremost we want to help site owners who might be uncertain about the upgrade process and what it means for them. Besides that we also want to support the Drupal 8 upgrade process and help the developers of contributed modules. Therefore, in our upgrade reports we will add information about fundraising campaigns (where available) that support the upgrade work on modules you are using in your site.

We will work together with a group of Drupal consultancies that encourage their customers to support the module upgrade process. So if you choose to do so, you will be able to recap your community investment during your site upgrade. But all of this is optional, there is no catch.



Give to Get — Join our 2for1 initiative!

The Drupal community needs help. While there is an incredible solidarity between Drupal developers, very little money in comparison is raised from the largest group of beneficiaries of Drupal: the site owners. To be fair, there has been very little incentive in the past to contribute: why should you give money to a project that will probably get done without your contribution anyway?

Developers have fun writing code and get great jobs because of their contributions, right?

While that might be true at the beginning of a project, this is not necessarily the case in the long run. Developers grow older, get kids, and need to make a living. To keep things sustainable we need to bring more money into the development of Drupal, money that comes from outside the traditional contribution pool.

That is the goal of the 2for1 project, we want to make it more attractive for site owners to contribute to Drupal 8.


How does it work?

With 2for1 we want to make it a no-brainer for our customers to contribute to Drupal 8. For every Dollar (or Euro) they spend now on supporting the community we will give them a TWO Dollar discount on their future Drupal 8 upgrade project, for up to 10% of their project's budget. For example: if you give 1'000$ to one of the initiatives we support, you can get up to 2'000$ discount on a 20'000$ project. You save a 1'000$.


Why is this good for Drupal consultancies?

The lack of outside investment is risking to cause a serious issue for the Drupal community: if everybody waits until everything is ready, it will take even longer until Drupal 8 will be finished. Some budget conscious Drupal 6 site owners are waiting until Drupal 8 is ready before they will start planning to upgrade their site. Even if, as a result, their site today, still doesn't have a responsive design.

With 2for1 our customers can help finance the development of Drupal 8, and then later recoup their investment with interest. Drupal consultancies and site owners alike benefit the faster we can start using the incredible improvements that Drupal 8 represents to restart the renewal cycle that improves our customer's web properties.


How to participate?

Site owners

If you are planning a Drupal 8 project and you would like to get a 2for1 discount, send us a mail at 2for1+discount@pronovix.com


If you run a Drupal consultancy and you would like to offer a 2for1 discount to your customers and be featured on this site, send us a mail to 2for1+consultant@pronovix.com

Module developers

If you maintain Drupal modules and would like to run a crowdfunding campaign that can help you focus on upgrading and maintaining your Drupal 8 module, contact us on 2for1+developer@pronovix.com